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Business Owner Approved(For Errand Guidebook)

The best book on this subject!
- Phyllis B., Atlanta, GA

How To Start And Operate An Errand Service has everything… from startup and operating tips to great ideas on how to get business quick. This book is good stuff.
- Mark G., Dallas, TX

My husband and I started an errand service exactly five months ago today, and we were doing okay but this book has really helped us. We were working exclusively with busy consumers only, but the information in this book has showed us how to bring it to the next level.
- Donna D., New Jersey

If you’ve thought of starting an errand service… but couldn’t find any books or guides to help you with some of the specifics of launching this business, don’t despair. There is one now! Rob Spina spent two and one half years researching his new guide: HOW TO START AND OPERATE AN ERRAND SERVICE. It’s comprehensive, it’s fun to read and does not include unnecessary lingo or jargon that fills up other how-to type books and guides. Rob’s guide is offered in plain, practical, hard-nosed language that will tell you how to launch this business and be your own boss.
- Small Business Opportunities magazine, January 1997 Issue

Happy Business OwnerErrand services are among the hottest business trends… and the industry is expected to grow. They take the stress out of people’s lives by allowing them to do their job at work and at home without having to play catch up on either end. Rob Spina, author of HOW TO START AND OPERATE AN ERRAND SERVICE, says, “errand services are a wonderful business to start for the first time entrepreneur. It’s one of those perfect little businesses that you can easily start up on your own, with low overhead and investment.”
- Entrepreneurial Edge magazine, Vol. 4 1997 Issue

We are happy to endorse your book, as it has served some of our members well. As it pertains to our mission to enhance the education of independent concierge and errand runners, we didn’t hesitate to include it.
- International Concierge & Errand Association

It’s an easy-to-read, inspirational book that covers the basics of starting in the business. Rob’s marketing suggestions are the highlight of the book… it’s fun reading through the possibilities. HOW TO START AND OPERATE AN ERRAND SERVICE is currently the definitive guide on the subject.

If you’re ready to leave the rat race but convinced that you don’t have the skills and knowledge necessary to do it, this guidebook will change your mind. The information in it is the blueprint to a lifetime income – to activate whenever you want.
- The Entrepreneur’s Bookshelf

How to Start and Operate an Errand Service by Rob Spina. This guidebook shows you how to make money providing a service that’s much needed by both consumers and businesses everywhere. The concept is simple – busy people need help… you provide that help in many different ways… you get paid for it. Plenty of busy people and plenty of opportunity.
- Home Employment Zone

Spina’s book provides you with all the essential tips and resources necessary to operate this time-saving service that will be in demand by busy individuals and business persons alike.
- Priscilla Huff, author of “101 Best Home-Based Businesses for Women,” (Listed in the Revised 2nd Edition, pg. 121)

Listed in “The Best Home Businesses For The 21st Century”
- Paul and Sarah Edwards (pg. 205)

(For Pet Sitting Guidebook)
I started my pet business six months ago, I’m doing very well, and I have this book to thank. I refer to it all the time.
- Mandy A., New York, NY

Mr. Spina, your guidebook is well-written, comprehensive, and geared toward the person that needs to be his or her own boss. I retired at age 55 and now run a pet sitting business from my house using seven employees (independent contractors) to handle it all. I have your manual to thank. I’m now purchasing your Dog Mess Pick-Up Business manual, but I wanted to get this note to you first.
- Jim P., Denver, CO

Home Cleaning Service(For House Cleaning Guidebook)
This guidebook is a must for house cleaners. It got me started fast. Thanks.
- Nancy P., Tulsa, OK

Dear Mr. Spina, my friend told me about you and your small business books, and your House Cleaning book appealed to me. Your information is well worth the price and I thank you for writing this book.
- Amie R., Bloomington, IL

(For HUD/FHA Guidebook)
We are so happy we found this guidebook. This is truly a work from home business.
- Laura S., Little Rock, Arkansas

(For MEAL Delivery Guidebook)
We need the extra income and this simple, unassuming little guidebook gave it to us. I make money from the customer and the restaurant. I love the meal delivery business.
- Steve W., Manchester, NH

Spina’s meal delivery guidebook will ‘jumpstart’ you to a popular business that provides busy people with delicious meals from their favorite restaurants.
- Priscilla Huff, author of “101 Best Home-Based Businesses for Women”