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Small Business Resources for Women – You’re Not Alone

Author: Rob Spina

Published by: Legacy Marketing

"This report gives you a valuable list of small business resources that are meant to assist you in your business and put you in touch with experienced individuals."... Liz Folger,

Women entrepreneurs. One of the fastest-growing segments of the U.S. economy. Women now own 30 percent of all businesses and the Census Bureau says this represents a 43 percent increase in the last few years -- the largest increase for any segment and twice the rate of male-owned firms.

This growth is due largely to the dual role that today's women have to play - that of stay-at-home nurturer and caretaker - and that of real income producer. And, more than ever, women are targeting self-employment, which allows them to be both.

This female-owned business movement houses a thirst for success that rivals, if not surpasses its male counterpart. But a thirst for success doesn't necessarily guarantee it. It also takes hard work, patience, and a willingness to take direction or information from all relevant sources.

Women have a higher success rate (75%) compared to business overall (20%) simply because they more often will accept or utilize available resources -- and aren't afraid to ask for help.


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