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How to Start your Own Videotaping Service

Author: Rob Spina

Published by: Legacy Marketing

Video taping services are fantastically profitable businesses, and the demand for expertly produced videos of important events in a family's life is skyrocketing.

This descriptive booklet explains how even a person with no experience can create a profitable, in-demand videotaping business -- whether you do some of the work yourself or hire others.

Weddings, baby showers, birthdays parties, club meetings, school sports events, and numerous other gatherings provide the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy a profitable business, while headquartered from home.

Don't be mislead by bigger and more expensive books on the subject that drone on and on, but have nothing to say. This booklet (and the basic business start-up information in Part II) is all you need.

"Record" the profits with your own videotaping business.

How To Start Your Own Videotaping Service -- a PERFECT SMALL BUSINESS -- because you can start at home, it's low overhead, you can make good money, it's in demand and the customer base is growing.

I just wanted simple instructions on how to get started and you helped me do that. I wanted to select the right equipment for me, and learn production techniques, and how to shoot weddings, learn marketing strategies and how to deal with clients. Thanks!!

-Matt Bonaventura, Albuquerque, NM

Good Luck!

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