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How to Start & Operate a Pet Sitting Service

Author: Rob Spina

Published by: Legacy Marketing

Here's another guidebook we feel is the blueprint to a lifetime income!

Running a pet sitting service is a little more complicated than changing the occasional litter box, so we've compiled this material to help you get this business off the ground in a professional, financially-sound manner. This guidebook will teach you: how to market yourself effectively... how much to charge... how to get customers... the initial customer visit... getting customer referrals... pet first aid... important forms... and many other details... presented in easy-to-understand terms.

Pet sitting is another of those small businesses that allow you to earn a good income doing what you love. It'll be available to you as long as there are pets... and as long as you love the work.

How To Start A Pet Sitting Service -- a PERFECT SMALL BUSINESS -- because you can start at home, it's low overhead, you can make good money, it's in demand and the customer base is growing.

I started my pet business six months ago, I'm doing very well, and I have this book to thank. I refer to it all the time.

-Mandy Alberto, New York, NY

Hey I love this. A lot of demand for this business. It addressed the challenges and concerns I had, especially with being new to this. I appreciate this down-to-earth advice on setting up and running this home business.

-Michael Torrence, Grapevine, TX

Mr. Spina, your guidebook is well-written, comprehensive, and geared toward the person that needs to be his or her own boss. I retired at age 55 and now run a pet sitting business from my house using seven employees (independent contractors) to handle it all. I have your manual to thank. I'm now purchasing your Dog Mess Pick-Up Business manual, but I wanted to get this note to you first.

-Jim Pavarotti, Denver, CO

Good Luck!

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