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How to Start & Operate a Meal Delivery Service

Author: Rob Spina

Published by: Legacy Marketing

According to ENTREPRENEUR magazine, "... it's lucrative... it's hot... and it's easy to do." It's called restaurant Meal Delivery and it's one of the hottest businesses around.

This is one of those businesses of the future that's here now! Simply put, people are busier than any other time in history. A HUGE portion of them are 2-income households. And when they come home from work after a long day, the last thing a lot of them want to do is prepare, cook, and clean up food. The result? A new business opportunity for you and it's catching on fast. It's called restaurant Meal Delivery -- a business of the future that's white hot now!

According to the National Restaurant Association, about 50% of every food dollar spent is on "off-premise" dining (eating restaurant meals at home). With both spouses working and less time for meal preparation, that percentage is going up and someone needs to coordinate and deliver it all.

You don't need to be a cook or acquire a food license. In fact, you don't touch food at all. And the beautiful thing is - you make money not only from the customer requesting your service - but from the source supplying the food as well. A dream business if there ever was one!

"How To Start And Operate A Meal Delivery Service" describes in detail how you can set up a business where you're the one independently delivering food from area restaurants - and making money 3 ways. It tells you how to get started... how to make money... describes your customer... describes your market... and tells you what you need (including illustrative examples) for your customers.

Meal Delivery -- a PERFECT SMALL BUSINESS -- because you can start at home, it's low overhead, you can make good money, it's in demand and the customer base is growing.

Spina's meal delivery guidebook will 'jumpstart' you to a popular business that provides busy people with delicious meals from their favorite restaurants.

-Priscilla Huff, author of "101 Best Home-Based Businesses for Women"

We need the extra income and this simple, unassuming little guidebook gave it to us. I make money from the customer and the restaurant. I love the meal delivery business.

-Steve Weintraub, Manchester, NH

Good Luck!

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