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How to Start & Operate a Daycare Center

Author: Rob Spina
Published by: Legacy Marketing

This guidebook has been extremely helpful for those ready for the challenges and rewards of caring for children. If you're looking to start a business - and if you enjoy playing an important role in a child's development - then your own daycare center might be the answer.

We have a responsibilty for the health, care, and instruction of children and this guidebook will help answer many questions on the subject of daycare. It's fairly comprehensive... just look at a sampling of included subject matter:

Quality care... Making A Living... How To Charge... Grants For Daycare Poviders... State Regulations... Types Of Insurances... Daycare Policy... Forms... Keeping Track Of Records... Supplies And Equipment... Setting Up Your Environment... Type Of Activities For Children... Best Ways To Advertise my daycare... Qualifying For The USDA Food Program... Interviewing Potential Clients... Support And Resources.

This guidebook will show you how to make families a priority... allow children to be children... meet the needs of each child's physical, emotional, intellectual and social development... and earn a good living in the process.

How To Start Your Own Daycare Center -- a PERFECT SMALL BUSINESS -- because you can start at home, it's low overhead, you can make good money, it's in demand and the customer base is growing.

I always new I’d do this one day and now I know it’s the right choice. Thanks for the help. The demand for good care for children is high, and I need something to help me not only get started the right way, but to help keep it running smoothly. You showed me how to how to keep records, how to make appealing meals, and how to keep my children happy.
Ginger Munch, New York, NY

Thanks for the practical information and useful references. It made me think about things that I needed to think about before I got started. I’m benefiting from the wisdom in your book. Take care.
Pamela Walsh, Montreal, Canada

Good Luck!

How to Start & Operate a Daycare Center: How To Start And Operate A Daycare Center. Legacy Marketing offers crucial, detailed information you need to know about work from home businesses and home based businesses. Ideas that can help you get stared in your own full-time or extra income producing small business from home.

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