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How to Start And Operate an Errand Service

Author: Rob Spina
Published by: Legacy Marketing

This is the premier guidebook on this wonderful little business.

"...we're all constantly reprioritizing our lives in order to make our schedules work. It would be nice to have an errand service to call and hire them to do it. Rob Spina spent two and a half years researching his new guide How To Start And Operate An Errand Service. It's comprehensive, it's fun to read and isn't filled with unnecessary jargon. Rob's guide simply tells you how to launch this business and be your own boss." -taken from Small Business Opportunities magazine

We're honored that Small Business Opportunities magazine has chosen HOW TO START AND OPERATE AN ERRAND SERVICE as the definitive source of information on this business.

Today, people of all generations are busier than ever, and they need help getting it all done. They (professionals with or without children, married with or without children, seniors, young moms, businesses, and more) will pay for that help and that's where you come in.

How To Start And Operate An Errand Service will tell you exactly what you need to do - whether you're a man or a woman, a young entrepreneur, or retiree. It doesn't miss anything. In it you'll find:

  • Business Basics
  • People Need You
  • Building For Businesses
  • What It Takes To Give You The Edge Working From Home
  • Getting Started
  • Building For Consumers
  • Inexpensive Ways To Build

Finding Lucrative "Special Niches" such as Pet Services, Grocery Delivery, New Mom Service, Mobile Valet Service, Time & Convenience Benefits, People Transport Service, Senior Service, Executive Helper, House Check, and the most popular of them all - lucrative Meal Delivery Services.

  • Tips & Strategies
  • Business Contacts
  • Q & A's Marketing For Success
  • Cutting Costs
  • Outside Resources To Help Reeling In New Customers
  • Doing Much More With Way Less
  • Keys To Success (and more)

The Errand business is a wonderful little business whose time has come. How To Start And Operate An Errand Service will show you how, in plain, easy-to-understand, everyday language.

The information in this guidebook is the blueprint to a lifetime income. All you need is desire.

Don’t despair if you've thought of starting an errand service but couldn't find any books or guides to help you. There is one now. Rob Spina spent two and one half years researching his new guide: HOW TO START AND OPERATE AN ERRAND SERVICE. It's comprehensive, it's fun to read and does not include unneccessary lingo or jargon that fills up other how-to type books and guides.
-Small Business Opportunities magazine

If you're ready to leave the rat race but convinced that you don't have the skills and knowledge necessary to do it, this guidebook will change your mind. The information in it is the blueprint to a lifetime income - to activate whenever you want.
-The Entrepreneur's Bookshelf

Spina's book provides you with all the essential tips and resources necessary to operate this time-saving service that will be in demand by busy individuals and business persons alike.
-Priscilla Huff, author of “101 Best Home-Based Businesses for Women,” Revised 2nd Edition

How To Start And Operate An Errand Service has everything from startup and operating tips to great ideas on how to get business quick. This book is good stuff.
-Mark Garvey… Dallas, TX

Good Luck!

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