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101 Secrets your Small Business Needs to Know Now

Author: Rob Spina

Published by: Legacy Marketing

The good news is that every 11 seconds in this country, someone starts a small business. The bad news is that most of these businesses fail. WHY? Poor planning and not paying attention to the basics. Basics that are already common business sense.

Before you go any further, you need one of our best-selling business reports, "101 'SECRETS' YOUR SMALL BUSINESS NEEDS TO KNOW NOW!" (Vol.1). This jam-packed, you-in-mind report of 'secret' information tells you who, what, when, where, why, and how.

Strategies, tips, sources, insights, free resources, and more. All here in one, utterly comprehensive report.

"101 'SECRETS' YOUR SMALL BUSINESS NEEDS TO KNOW NOW!" contains information that'll help support your small business -- and make you aware of inconspicuous little things that should have your respect and attention. In this invaluable little report, some of the success 'secrets' revealed for you are:

  • Why you should SEGMENT your markets
  • The lowdown on business site LIGHT
  • Why you should UNDER promise and OVER deliver
  • The REAL cost of employees
  • How to use inexpensive POSTCARDS to your benefit
  • Spending to RETAIN customers vs. ACQUIRING them and much, much more (95 more to be exact)

Success in your small business is far from automatic, but chances of surviving and prospering are greatly increased if you work hard... and take the necessary steps. Using this report, we feel, is one of those steps.

"Thanks for your 101 Secrets. I try to follow a few per week."

-Derek Mulholland, Salt Lake City, UT

"Your 101 Secrets were free but it's far from valueless. I appreciate the tips."

-Greg Viggiano, Hempsted, NY

"I wanted to tell you that your 101 Secrets made me forewarned, and as a result, forearmed. Specific, valuable tips and insights I couldn't ignore."

-Kim Pushkar, St. Louis, MO

Good Luck!

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