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About Legacy Marketing

Rob Spina of Legacy MarketingFor over 20 years I’ve worked for other people, marketing a diverse array of products and services for a diverse group of companies such as publishing, equipment leasing, insurance, durable goods, and healthcare. I had my share of successes, but I wasn’t very happy with my so-called career. Simply, I wanted my own business and I wanted to be my own boss.

Eventually, I had more than enough of the nonsense we all face everyday in Corporate America. So, I made a promise to myself and my family that I would start a small business – not caring much what it was as long as it was mine.

Within the year (1993), I started my own small business headquartered from home, which subsequently turned the table on a company downsizing. During this business-building phase, I kept explicit, comprehensive notes on my experiences starting and operating this business, and from this “blueprint,” I decided to write a “How-To” manual.

By 1996 I completed “How To Start And Operate An Errand Service,” which, thankfully, was well-received and became the premier guidebook on this subject – helping women and men, young and not so young – start a full or part-time errand business. This How-To book was profiled: in national business magazines… on TV… on numerous web sites… and by other small business book authors. It eventually led to a revised 2nd edition in 2001, and other popular How-To guidebooks and manuals.

After many years of trying, I was finally doing what I wanted. I was running a successful small business from home (an errand business), and writing How-To books showing others how they can do the same.


The mission of Legacy Marketing is two-fold and will never change. It is, and always will be:

  1. to provide relevant, easy-to-understand How-To guidebooks that help you achieve your dream of self-employed freedom and financial independence.
  2. to provide no-nonsense business start-up and operating information, that help you eliminate years of wasted effort and struggle.

Opening a Home Based BusinessWHY WE’RE HERE

It’s obvious that you’re here because you have the desire to breakaway from Corporate America and run your own small business.

And you have the urge to end your dependence on a meager paycheck and write your own. All you need is specific, no-nonsense information HOW-TO do it.

So, simply, that’s why we’re here — to provide you with our topical Perfect Small Business series of guidebooks.

Small can be huge.