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The Time is Right and You’re Ready

You want to start your own small business from home. You’ve been thinking about it for awhile and feel the time is right. You feel it’s now or never. You’re thinking about what the extra income could do for you and your family. What it could do for your lifestyle and self-esteem. Your longtime desire is now turning to passion. You think (or know) you have what it takes. You’re now ready to go. But what business is deserving of your passion?

This is the juncture where many falter. Indecision or decisions for the wrong reasons kill many a promising venture into self-employment. For this life undertaking, please allow me to suggest what I’ve found to be a sold gold piece of advice — DO WHAT YOU LOVE! It should be a mandatory business start-up rule to follow. However, though it should go without saying, that statement (and business philosophy) is bypassed more than it’s not.

Avoid A Flawed Thinking Process

Surprisingly, many eager first-time entrepreneurs start a business solely because they’ve heard it could make a lot of money. That’s a flawed thinking process, and it certainly lessens your odds for success. That’s because, instead of drawing on your life’s skills, talents, and wealth of knowledge on a particular passion, you’re learning someone else’s passion, from scratch.

Think about it. If you’re working at a business that’s less than ideal for you — a business that just doesn’t “ignite any sparks” — then how long before you’re disgruntled and drained by the end of the day? How long before you’re reduced to just waiting for the weekend, like everyone else? I’ve seen that too many times and it doesn’t have to be that way for you. You and your interests are best served if you concentrate on building and marketing your business through what comes naturally. That’s a huge step in the right direction.

Follow Your Passion

You’re going to make some mistakes along the way but don’t make a potentially devastating one before you even begin. I can’t emphasize it enough. Follow what’s always driven your passion and go for it. Nothing, no matter what the reason, should get in the way of that. If not, little by little, it will deplete your resources and take its toll on both your professional and personal life.

Artist Pablo Picasso once said, “If there’s no clear line of demarkation between work and play, then success is guaranteed.” Work at what you would do for free… and it’ll not only determine your success… but make your chances for it much greater as well. No single issue is more important.

Success isn’t the key to happiness… happiness is the key to success. So, do what you love… and prosper!

That simple philosophy, more than anything else, is my advice to entrepreneurs like you, looking to start a small business from home.

Good luck!

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